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Almost Instant Goodness

Flash In A Flash

UX | UI Development for a Hot NYC Marketing Company
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Video For The League

International Video Player

Video Development for the National Hockey League
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HelloJuicy MiniSite

Bleeding Edge Sound

UX | UI Development and Code for a Top Brand
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Life As A Rodeo Clown

Facebook Sharing Application

Complex Flex Application Deployed on Facebook
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Make Movies With Toyota Prius

Facebook Sharing Application

Complex Flex Application Deployed on Facebook
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From Scratch With Citrix

Functional Prototype Application

UX | UI Development and Wireframes for New Citrix Application
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HelloPanda iOS App

Internal Pandora Application

UX | UI Development for Internal Pandora iOS Application
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BRD Saves

Enterprise Level AS3 Architecture and UX | UI Front End Development

Find out how a summer teaching Flex Development in NYC turned in to an amazing adventure of saving
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I Get To Play With Dolls

Enterprise Level AS3 Architecture and UX | UI Front End Development

Find out why Nintendo trusted me to play with their new game
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Chief Idea Creator At eBay

UX | UI Front End Development and Mobile Web Development

I worked with the smartest people at eBay to create bleeding edge technology
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An iOS App For Trails

UX | UI Front End Development and iOS Development

When some comes to you and says they want to create an application for trail mapping, with their dog as the avatar, you should listen.
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Pandora And Ford

UX | UI Front End Development and Video Development

Pandora teamed up with Ford to create some awesomeness in the car. I helped showcase it on the web.
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Unity3D Imagined And Built

UX | UI Front End Development and Game Development

When you 13 year says he has the idea for the next big thing. It's good to listen.
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Online Jewelry Designer

UX | UI Front End Development and Flex Development

We started with a very simple idea and built a masterpiece.
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Video Hub For California

UX | UI Front End Development and Flex Development

I don't usually get political but when I do, I like to do it big.
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UX | UI Designer

My knowledge of UX and UI design stems from my deep understanding of intuitive and simple information design. I have a Masters in Communication and a strong background in Analytical Philosophy. Amazing brands trust me to design the UX of their next big thing. What are you ready to create?

Serious Coder

I should have “Been coding since the 5th grade” tattooed across my chest. I also need “Oops” tattooed on my neck. I take my coding very seriously, and have practiced more than just good development over the years. I have also created my own design patterns and pioneered techniques that make my code patentable.

iOS Architect

Developing apps these days is very complex because there are a number of devices to think about. I have experience developing for EVERY platform. YES, EVERY PLATFORM! Whether it is a game, a touch screen kiosk, or a desktop application, I know how to build it from the ground up.

Pro Gamer

Game development is a completely different world. Memory conversation is very important.Do you know how to make a sprite sheet? How are you going to manage your object pool? What type of collisions are you going to support? I have not only coded all of this before, I have invented new paradigms that make games better.

Serial Artist

Many of my clients Google me and find out I’m a painter as well.Sometimes my canvas is not always sitting on an easel. I do love painting for it helps me express my thoughts that cannot be contained in words or codes.I know you are curious now. Go ahead … Google me!

All Business

As a freelancer I understand the goals of business. I am a business. I understand the cost of marketing and employees. I understand the importance of brand and messages conveyed. At the end of the day, I know that our passions help us create, but our ingenuity, diligence, and cunning help us succeed. When you hire me, you are not just hiring a meathead developer/designer. You are hiring someone who wants to understand your mission.

Skills Breakdown

  • Design
    1/2 Code
  • Code
    1/2 Design

I often get asked the question “Are you a developer or a designer?” That’s usually what launches me into a long story of how I grew up with an Apple llc coding basic and was selling oil paintings when I was 12. But, people don’t always understand that. What is easier to understand is my work. I create digital experiences from the ground up. I imagine them, I design them, and I code them.

The design side of me came first, then shortly after, the nerdy side (that Apple llc in5th grade). Coding is a second language for anyone, and talking to a machine (a computer) is not a simple task. Yet, over the years I have picked up a few languages. I speak JavaScript, Actionscript, CSS, Objective C, and of course HTML, just to name a few. While I consider C the only real language, it seems that AS3 offers the most flexibility. I have learned to appreciate all of it.

I love getting into the guts of a design, and really learning how the user is going to experience something from a casual standpoint. Programmers step through things linearly but our users are not linear because they are only browsing. When you understand the mind of a person who is browsing, you can see and experience things from a completely different perspective.

  • Flex/Flash Rich Application Development
  • Objective C for iOS Development
  • JS, CSS, HTML5 for Web Development





tel: 916-226-1256


contact person: Brian Russel Davis
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